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Jared Zalewski, better known as illiZem is an American singer, rapper, songwriter and producer. illiZem was born & raised in Tucson Arizona where he found his passion for music and currently resides in Dallas Tx where he started his career in music. His first mixtape release "Dryheat," caught the attention of Mike Atzeni C.E.O. of Dallas Plug Entertainment, and landed him a deal with the independent label. Soon after partening with Mike Atzeni, illiZem released his debut Ep, Southwest Sinatra in March of 2015. In March of 2017 he released his debut album "2 Bics, 2 Papers," followed by music videos for "Time Bomb," & more. illiZem is always working on new music & expects more music to be released. Follow @illiZem for more updates and releases!









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2 Bics 2 Papers

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